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Interview with Rachit Gupta of Inspectlet

December 28, 2011 Leave a comment

We’ve been compiling a list of the tools that we want to have in our User Testing Toolbox. After an initial look and then a more in-depth look, we really like Inspectlet and believe it’s worth using in your user testing process.

We reached out to Inspectlet’s founder, Rachit Gupta, with a few questions and he was nice enough to reply to us via email.

What’s your story? How did you get into User Testing?

I’ve always been fascinated by how important design is to the experience of using a product. I think there’s a fundamental difference in perspective between the designer and a visitor that makes it difficult to intuitively understand a visitor’s experience. I wanted to improve the process of understanding your visitor’s perspective so you can iterate more effectively. There are tools out there that do this but I wanted to create a full user experience suite that’s affordable to everyone, because I think everyone should care about user experience the same way they care about traffic numbers.

What’s the elevator pitch?

Inspectlet helps you gain a deeper understanding what your visitors are thinking by observing their actions naturally.

How did it start up?

About 8 months ago, I started building a team and we planned a roadmap for the product taking into account what was lacking from existing tools out there. We launched in June as a fully bootstrapped startup and it’s been an amazing ride ever since.

What’s up coming?

Some big changes are coming up! We’ve been working closely with users to create a stronger product. We’re looking into new ways of visualizing the mounds of data we gather, and possibly introducing a free plan as well to encourage people to understand their visitors better.

Do you have any partner companies? What’s your ideal tool set?

We’ve been in talks with some companies but there’s nothing to announce yet. 🙂 We like to use Google Analytics for traffic analysis, Inspectlet for understanding our visitors, Optimizely for split testing iterations, and GetSatisfaction for gathering feedback.

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Better User Experience Podcast #18 – An Interview with Paul Veugen from Usabilla

December 12, 2011 Leave a comment

This week’s Podcast has a special guest, Paul Veugen, who comes to us via Skype  from the Usabilla Headquarters in Amsterdam Holland.  Conducting the interview I was a bit nervous – I stumbled, said ‘um’ too many times, but regardless of that, we had a pretty good time.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

We talked about the tool and how it can be used, naturally.  But we also discussed, what I feel makes Usabilla stand out – it’s organizational culture.  It’s a relatively new company,a start-up.  Paul humbly describes it in a matter of fact tone.  He needed a tool for his university studies and cobbled it together.  Then, a friend convinced him to build it as a scalable app and they started a company.  He got some clients and then got some external funding.  “See, it’s fuggin’ simple”, says the Tenacious D frontman Jack Black.  The Usabilla team’s creativity is evident in their use of social media – in blog posts, updates, and interesting uses of the tools – like a report created for the wider community on UX on eCommerce Sites. They get it and it shows.

It’s not so much what they do (usability testing) but how they do it.  Plainly stated, I think they are having fun.  And, fun is contagious.  So, thank you Paul and the Usabilla gang, for sharing with us.  Good luck and Enjoy!

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Better User Experience Podcast #9: An Interview with Feng-GUI CEO Rafael Mizrahi

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s amazing, these Internets. Last Wednesday, Newman and I we’re using Feng-GUI and writing a blog post about using Feng-GUI to aid in determining your website’s critical path and the very next day I received an email from their CEO, Rafael Mizrahi, complimenting us on the blog post. This wasn’t exactly a trivial thing to do. In our rush to get content on the website we didn’t yet have an easy way to reach out to us. I believe he eventually found a contact form on my company website and used that to send his message. So in addition to going out of his way to say something nice to us, he actually had to work to find out how to do so. (Side note: We fixed that.)

Newman is on a well-deserved two-week vacation so I invited Mr. Mizrahi to be on today’s podcast and graciously accepted even though Feng-GUI is located in Tel Aviv, Irasel and we’re located in North Carolina. We arranged a time to Skype and that conversation is what you’ll hear on today’s episode.

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Show Notes:

We discuss various aspects of Feng-GUI’s charts including:

Attention Analysis Heatmap

Gaze Plot

Area’s of Interest Report

We also talk a bit about the other research the gang at Feng-GUI does including mind controlling Angry Birds, and the Iron Man Simulator.